Welcome to Accelicare!

Welcome to Accelicare!

Welcome to Accelicare

First of Many Blogs to Start the New Year Right!

We have been listening to our clients, wondering what they need to get through these difficult times and beyond.  Sound advice and next steps for self-care, exercise, and nutrition seem to be a good start.  We offer these services in-house at our New York City Midtown location when clients are undergoing care, and now we are extending them to our clients and any health conscious individual ready to take on their body’s challenges.

Accelerated Care Chiropractic was founded by Dr. Vladimir Friedman, DC.  His extensive background in athletic training, personal training, and manual medicine developed a relationship with the most highly rated fitness facilities such as Equinox Luxury Fitness Clubs, which endorse a “High Performance Living” to their clients.  Accelerated Care Chiropractic is an extension to the work hard lifestyle for its proven results in pain management and movement restriction through an incorporation of optimal nutrition, optimal movement education, and the best experienced manual medicine techniques.

NYC Chiropractor located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan

We believe you have to work hard and play hard to enjoy life to its fullest, but that also means you need to properly recover.  As we always mention, do more outside and see us less, or do less outside and your body will make you see us more.  If it is hard to come in and get a session of soothing heat, muscle stimulation, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, stretching, and an updated exercise routine then at least sign up for our up-to-date email newsletter and strategies to do most of it yourself.

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