Foot orthotics is a specific branch of orthotics which focuses on the health and function of the feet and ankles, leading to overall wellness and body function. Known popularly as shoe inserts, foot orthoses are often used by athletes and non-athletes alike to correct anything from pain to odor.

The following are benefits of foot orthotics:

  • Assist movement
  • Reduce weight bearing forces
  • Aid the healing of fractures after the cast is removed
  • Correct the shape or function of the body
  • Reduce pain
  • Restrict movement in a certain direction
  • Control, guide, or limit movement of a certain body segment

Removable insoles provide a wide range of benefits, including relief from arthritis, injuries, and overuse, as well as typical daily discomfort. Orthotic insoles may be used to correct orthopedic issues, improve athletic performance, reduce extreme odor, or even assist in the correction of leg length discrepancies.

Custom made orthotics are especially beneficial for those who stand, walk, or otherwise move for many hours per day. Custom shoe inserts improve the overall function of the body by properly aligning the bones in the feet, as well as the joints in the ankles and knees. Well-made inserts will even align the hips and lower back, providing relief from pain in those areas.

Even non-athletes experience muscle and ligament stretching and laxness, leading to “swayed ankles” and falling arches. In athletes, these issues are even more prominent, and can cause increased pain and impaired performance. With foot orthotics, the muscles and ligaments are able to hold the bones in place without risk of overuse, allowing proper and comfortable alignment throughout the entire body.

When foot and ankle misalignment is corrected by orthotic insoles, the foot structure will provide more propulsion, leading to bio-mechanic efficiency. Plus, Orthotics can prevent muscular fatigue while boosting muscular performance, allowing the body to perform as well as it can.

Foot orthoses are one of the easiest, most efficient, and most comfortable ways to improve athletic performance, body function, and overall comfort. They can even optimize other chiropractic treatments, allowing you to get the most out of your health care and body.

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