Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology Tape is a brand of elastic therapeutic tape, which is designed to treat athletic injuries, sore muscles, and other common physical disorders. Developed by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1970s, kinesiology tape is now commonly used to relax overused muscles and aid in rehabilitation. It can also improve circulation, reduce pain, and diminish swelling and inflammation, all of which lead to improved comfort and function.

After being publicly used by Olympic athletes in the 2008 Beijing Summer Games, elastic therapeutic sport tape became more popular than ever. Olympic beach volleyball athlete Kerri Walsh, seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong, former number one-ranking professional tennis player Serena Williams, and UConn basketball player Hasheem Thabeet have all used kinesiology tape with great success.

Kinesiology Taping is the leader of cutting-edge taping procedures because it was made with hypoallergenic acrylic glue, all elastic tape products are highly flexible and comfortable. In fact, the tape is specifically designed to be the same weight, thickness, and elasticity as human skin, allowing it to integrate with the body’s sensory system.

Kinesiology Tape does offer tape for normal and sensitive skin types, the products are made with gentle materials. The tape is created with 100% cotton wrapped around thin elastic fibers. This design provides 130-140% elasticity for comfortable wear and movement. The hypoallergenic adhesive is specially applied in a wave pattern, ensuring proper water and air flow.

Kinesiology Tape works across three categories, providing comprehensive care for athletic injuries and concerns. First, it works structurally to support proper posture, prevent harmful ranges of motion, and reduce strain on overused muscles.

Secondly, it works neurologically to provide a slew of benefits. The specialized athletic tape improves sensory stimulation to decrease pain perception, restores normal muscle function, provides support for functional stability, boosts peripheral neuroplasticity, and enhances the skin’s endogenous analgesic system.

Lastly, it works on a micro-circulatory level. Kinesiology Tape supports lymphatic and micro- circulatory flow and targets superficial fascial to lessen viscosity and promote flow and glide.